Udon Shop Logo Black Textless

Logo created by Jessica Hart, in collaboration with Udon Shop.


Udon Shop is, foremost, a space for writers and artists to build a community of supportive, critically minded, and active colleagues. With workshop and classroom spaces, the collective aims to help its members with ongoing projects, develop skills necessary for success, and get the exposure and critique they need. Whether you consider yourself an amateur or professional, Udon Shop has a community space for you.

Classes are structured, usually, to allow participants from varying artistic disciplines to use the shared language of the arts and the way that it plays on the human psyche to give each other meaningful, informed critique and advice, as well as tap into special experience and skills that the course’s designer has.

If you’re intested in joining Udon Shop, participating in a class, or submitting a course and joining as faculty, send an email to Chazz at dev@udon-shop.com.