Spring Workshop

An arts workshop designed for those who want the benefit of more eyes on their work. Workshops are established seasonally. Workload varies based on participants, but continued enrollment is also predicated on providing critique.

Udon Shop encourages a professional, nurturing, and helpfully critical environment. Participants deemed to be detrimental to the efficacy of the course will be removed without refund.

Goes live: February 10

Giving and Taking Critique

A self-paced course, this course is intended to give you practice in giving nuanced feedback into varying art forms, helping you adapt your specialized experience to a broader one. Ultimately, this course is intended to help those with less experience in academic or professional workshop spaces come to understand what they need in order to be best able to help their fellow members of the collective.

Upon completion and review of the primary course materials, a second section geared towards a one-on-one workshop begins, with a focus on learning how to function in a helpfully critical environment, and develop the professional skills necessary to excel among your peers.

Goes live: February 10

The Long Project

A special course designed for those already with a long project in mind, be it a comic, a novel, a collection, a play, or any other longer piece of artistic work. The course is designed around providing structured goals to meet, helping provide a sense of scaffolding to what can sometimes be the overwhelming reality of bringing that vision of yours to life.

This is a running course, meaning that it continues to repeat so long as there are participants enrolled, with projects to work on.

Goes live: February 10